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Vegan chocolate slab

Vegan chocolate slab

Indulge yourself a delicious slab of vegan chocolate! 

These delicious slabs are all made to order and are best eaten within 3 months. 


Each slab measure 16cm x 8cm


You can choose up to 3 different toppings per slab. The toppings available are:


❤ Vegan fudge
❤ Vegan  chocolate crunchiee bites
❤ Lotus biscuit
❤ Oreo cookie
❤ Vegan chocolate chips
❤ Vegan white chocolate chips
❤ Raspberry ice bites
❤ Vegan chocolate covered raisins
❤ Vegan chocolate covered peanuts
❤ Party rings 
❤ Vegan sour sweets
❤ Vegan  jelly sweets  
❤ Vegan sprinkles
❤ Vegan chocolate buttons 
❤ Vegan chocolate orange buttons 
❤ Jammie dodgers

❤ Vegan marshmallows

Please enter you 3 topping in the personalisation section & the name for the gift tag.


Each bar comes with an ingredients list and allergens list.


These also come personalised with heart gift tag attached with a name/or wording.


  • Please choose toppings for slab


  • Collection advice

    Collection from 31 Oakwood Avenue, Penylan, CF23 9EY.

  • Storage advice

    Keep in a cool place, out of direct sunlight.

  • Use by

    Best eaten within 3 months of collection

  • Allergen & intolerance advice

    Vegan chocolate slabs contain:

    • Cereals containing gluten
    • Soya


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